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Permanently Zap Away Unwanted Hair in 8

weeks or less Without Feeling Pain...

Permanently Zap Away Unwanted Hair in 8 weeks or less Without Feeling Pain...

Christmas Sale

Christmas Sale


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  • Only $179.00 vs. $379.00 (retail)

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  • Only $179.00 vs. $379.00 (retail)
  • Available Online Only
  • While supplies last

How the 5MinSkinIPL Handset Stops Hair GrowthBetter Than your Favorite Razor or Clinic

Did you Know, Using old Razor Blades is proven to cause your hair to grow back faster?

5MinSkin IPL on the other hand, stops hair growth permanently in under 8 weeks by targeting the pigment in the hair follicle & destroying it forever!

Traditional Razors Cause Unsanitary bacteria which is a perfect environment for bacterial skin infections..

5MinSkin IPL uses extremely sanitary & gentle light pulses to help prevent underarm rash leading to painless shaving & sexy hairless underarms!

Say Goodbye to cuts & razor burns when shaving even your most sensitive areas..

5MinSkin helps to target precise areas such as the bikini line without cuts or bleeding leading to SafePainless & Painless Hair Removal in only 4-8 weeks

How 5MinSkin Eliminates Hair Growth Permanently, in only 4-8 Weeks?

5MinSkin uses glide mode to quickly zap away hair in broad areas & even your most precise areas like the upper lip. It targets the root source of the hair follicle with IPL Technology to destroy the hair by the root in only 5 minutes!

How the 5MinSkin IPL Stops Hair Growth

😎 Confidence-Boosting

✔️ Long-lasting Results

⚡ Eliminates In-Grown Hairs

⭐ Convenient & Easy to Use

🎯 Precision Hair Removal

✨ 10-Minute Sessions

💇‍♀️ Save on Salon treatment

💯 Suitable for all Tones

⭐ Works on All Body Parts

🙌 Pain-Free, Permanent Removal 

Christmas Sale

Permanently Stop Hair Growth, in Only 5 Minutes Per Session

Why 5MinSkin is better than Low Quality Shavers & Expensive Clinics

Safe & Painless

5MinSkin’s FDA Approved IPL Technology targets specific hair follicles with intense pulsed light, eliminating hair without any pain at all.

4-8 Week Treatments

5MinSkin is a permanent solution for smooth, hair-free skin. It works everywhere that hair grows, including bikini, Brazilian, underarms, legs, and face.

In 4-8 weeks with only 5 minute sessions, you can easily see results! For even Faster results you can try 2 times per week!

Best Price & Biggest Value

Better technology than cheap razors & more affordable than Shaving, Waxing, Lasers & Clinics. It's no secret 60,000 women are switching to 5minskin!

Join 60,000+Happy Customers With Silky Smooth Sexy Skin

5MinSkin IPL In Action

If you're tired of wasting time and money on hair removal products that just don't work, just one simple 5-minute session can change your life. Our advanced technology ensures permanent hair removal, leaving you with smooth, flawless skin.

No more spending hours in the bathroom with painful razors and expensive waxing kits. Our advanced technology is safe, efficient, and delivers smooth, hair-free skin in no time.

Ready to experience the freedom of hair-free skin? Try our advanced hair removal technology now and redeem 50% off with our Summer Sale!

Christmas Sale

Christmas Sale

Silky & Sexy Results from Verified 5MinSkin Customers

5MinSkinVs Standard Shaving Devices

Standard Razors

Traditional Razors lead to cuts & bleeding with one simple slip up... Not to mention, every 1-3 days, your hair will grow back...

5MinSkin Laser Hair Removal Handset

5MinSkin’s FDA Approved IPL Technology targets specific hair follicles with intense pulsed light, eliminating hair without any pain at all.

See 5MinSkin in Action

See 5MinSkinin Action

Why Choose 5MinSkin?

4-12 Uses

To Stop Hair Growth

5 Minute


Long Lasting

Built to last a lifetime


Easy & Painless


$179 vs $2,500/session

30 Day

Satisfaction Guarantee

Where can I use my 5MinSkinHandset?


Achieve silky-smooth underarms with our IPL laser hair removal device and forget about shaving

Neck & Face

Get smooth, hair-free skin on your face and neck without the hassle of shaving with IPL laser technology.


Eliminate the need for facial and neck shaving with our IPL laser hair removal device.

Arms & Body

Eliminate the need for constant shaving with our safe and effective IPL laser hair removal device.

Private areas

Get ready to hit the beach with confidence! Our IPL laser hair removal device offers safe and effective hair removal in your bikini area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Before I See Results?

Most customers notice a reduction of hair growth after just 3-4 uses, then complete results after 4-8 weeks. Some people need touch-ups beyond that.

How Often Do I use It?

We recommend completing IPL treatment once a week for 8 consecutive weeks. If you’d prefer, you can use it up to twice a week for faster results.

Is it Suitable for the Face & Brazilian?

Yes. 5minskin IPL Laser Hair removal Handset is safe to use in any part of the body.

Is It Safe?

Yes. IPL is a popular, well-researched option for safe, painless and effective long-term hair removal.

Does It Remove Hair Permanently?

Yes. The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) kills hair growth cells and follicles. Hair grows back slower and sparser, reducing hair growth permanently overtime.

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