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Remove Any Hair Permanently Under 12 Weeks -- Or YOU DON'T PAY

Never use a razor, waxing strip, or go to a laser clinic ever again!

Start getting hair-free for just $169.00
  • Gentle on Sensitive Skin

  • Clinically Endorsed

  • Rated #1 Hair Removal 2023

  • 100% Safe At-Home Use

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Get Smooth Skin For Life - In Just Minutes Per Session

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  • On average:

    Visible results within 3 weeks & total removal around 10 weeks.

  • Save Money:

    Never make a hair removal appointment again. No replacements or refills needed.

  • Safe & Painless:

    We only use FDA-cleared technology that's trusted by doctors around the world.

No more nasty razor burns, cuts, & ingrown hairs. Achieve hair-free skin without the pain of shaving and waxing. Completely safe on all body parts. Our Laser Hair Removal Device helps you take on the world with confidence and is portable for touchably-soft skin wherever you go.

  • Twice Per Week:

    As quick as shaving your legs — but the results last forever.

  • Convenient:

    No experience necessary. Just tap a button, point anywhere from your upper lip to bikini area... and watch the hair fade away.

  • Fast & Easy:

    So easy to use you can treat any body part in minutes.

Start getting hair-free for just $169.00
Here is how it works:
Start getting hair-free for just $169.00

5minskin sculpt 2.0 features:

  • Cooling tech:

    FDA cleared laser is covered with cooling tech guard that makes treatments 100% painless

  • Glide mode:

    Think autopilot on tesla… this allows you to hover over any desired area and laser the whole area without even pushing a button or changing a setting.

  • Usage:

    Use twice per week, with the average session time only taking 10 minutes

  • Repeat:

    Continue for 8-12 weeks ANYWHERE, including your legs, arms, bikini area, and get hair free!

Start getting hair-free for just $169.00

What to expect:


By Week 4

60%hair reduction

By Week 6-8

80%hair reduction

By Week 8-12

95%hair reduction
Start getting hair-free for just $169.00

214,000 5minskin Sculpters are now hair free… Are you next?

I could NEVER stand prickly little leg hairs & on me, they grew fast. With 5MinSkin things started out slow but after 5 or 6 weeks all those hairs really did start fading away.I was shaving my legs as often as my BF did his face!
-Raven Mapanao
Think you’re hairy? I used to be Lady Sasquatch. Happy trail… oh yeah. Bikini area? YOU BET… was red & bumpy all over from all the wax strips. 5MinSkin changed my life. If IPL could get me back into a bikini, it’ll 100% work for you.
-Jenna Freburg
Ever wonder why you never see a single red bump or hair on those celebs & influencers? LASERS. They all use them! I wanted that silky skin too, but holy MOLY is the professional route expensive. I tried 5MinSkin on a whim. Didn’t expect much, but the results speak for themselves!
-Kendra Mapley
I had hairy arms since 13 and all but accepted it. Why bother waxing? They’ll just grow back anyway… until I showed them 5MinSkin. Never thought I’d love the way my arms look but here we are… right around 2 months in and wow, is my skin smooth!
-Lia Tomassi

How does it work to permanently remove hair?

The only at home laser that estheticians recommend over clinical laser

"I've been an esthetician for years and always thought in-office treatments were the way to go. But after trying 5minskin's at-home laser, I'm blown away. It's just as effective, way more affordable, and you can do it from the comfort of your home without any numbing cream. It's honestly incredible, and I just had to share this find with everyone.”

Erin Fredericks, CME

Certified Medical Esthetician
Start getting hair-free for just $169.00

The old way of getting rid of hair…


and 52 hours
spent a year on average


and 15 hours
spent a year on average

Clinical laser

and 15 hours
spent for permanent hair removal
Shop now
Start getting hair-free for just $169.00
5 hours over the course of 12 weeks to permanently remove hair EVERYWHERE
Starting at just

To complete the challenge: Either it works, or you don’t pay.

Our 12 weeks challenge allows you to try out all of our products for 90 days upfront, and if you don’t get results - just send us a message to receive a 100% full money back refund.


Need Help Picking Your Package?

Remember all bundles have a 90 day money back guarantee, meaning you can try any of them out for 90 days, and if it doesn’t get you results you don’t pay.

So we suggest going with 5minskin Sculpt All Inclusive + Express Results Kit to see the best and quickest results.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my order?

All US orders get free 3-day shipping!

For other regions, delivery times can vary slightly, but it's always free.

✅ USA: 2-3 Business Days

✅ Canada: 5-10 Business Days

✅ Australia & other regions: 7-14 Business Days

If you want to start your hair removal journey even faster, we do offer Express US Shipping for guaranteed 2-day delivery. If you're interested, you can select this upgrade at checkout!

Orders placed before 1PM EST Monday-Friday ship out the same day from our warehouse in Miami, Florida (after 1PM, we'll have it out first thing next day.) 

Next, our shipping partners at UPS and USPS pick it up. You'll get an email with your tracking numberright away. Next thing you know, your IPL kit will be on your doorstep!

Can I use the device more than once per week?

Yes! We actually recommend you use it twice per week for fastest results.

Is It Really That Fast?

Yep! A typical session takes 10-15 minutes... right on par with shaving your legs.
Just activate the Sculpt 2.0’s Glide Mode feature, then move the handset over any hair you want to remove. That way, your device will automatically emit little flashes of IPL light as you go.
Each spot only needs to be “flashed” once. So, for small areas like your cheeks, it may only take around five minutes!

What does the treatment regimen look like?

In a nutshell? It’s pretty simple!

Start your first session on the lowest intensity level. Use the intensity control to work up to the level you’re comfortable with.

With that, you’re on your way to smooth skin! Start doing two sessions per week. Watch hair start to thin out within the first few and expect total, permanent removal by 12 weeks.

Once the problem hair is gone, you’re all done - no need for another session. In the rare case that any hair remains, slow down to one session per week. It’ll be gone before you know it!

For now though? Don’t worry about memorizing all this. Each Sculpt 2.0 kit comes with an instructional booklet that covers all the details. Plus, when you place your order, you’ll receive a welcome email with an extra electronic version, along with tons of extra tips for lightning-fast results!

Can it really remove unwanted hair everywhere?

Yes, it can! The Sculpt 2.0’s IPL technology targets hair at the follicle. Doesn’t matter if the “problem hair” is thick or thin – or if it’s on your legs, your cheeks, or the back of your pinkie finger… if it has a follicle, you can Sculpt it away.

Look out, though. IPL or laser-type devices don’t belong near your eyes. And like any hair removal method… don’t put it on your genitals. Give the pink skin a rest – but everywhere around it is fair game.

Do I really need to shave before each session?

You won’t have to for long, we promise!

For now though, we do recommend shaving for best results. That’s because each “flash” of IPL energy needs to hit your hair follicles. The way they get there is actually by traveling through your hairs. Shaving gives the energy a shorter distance to trave, so more of it can get to work on the follicle!

Can I tan before or after using my handset?

We recommend avoiding it. Ever hear that darker colors are better at absorbing light? Well, IPL works best when your hair is darker than your skin. That way, your hairs “catch” up more of the light from your device. That light travels from your hair down to the follicle, where its energy can get to work disabling your hair follicles — stopping hair growth for good!

Start getting hair-free for just $169.00

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