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    All-in-One Grooming Kit


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    The SCULPT 2.0

    Pro-Grade Wireless Laser Hair Removal. Your 5-Minute Routine to Conquer your Grooming Game.

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    Clinical Hair Removal Sessions At Home — In 5 Minutes

    Say goodbye to cuts, ingrown hairs, and expensive razors... the SCULPT 2.0 puts clinical-grade laser hair removal in the palm of your hand. With ergonomic design, adjustable intensity, and easy-to-use Glide Mode, our new device precisely removes any patch of hair in just 5 minutes per session.

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    Be Confident In Your Own Skin.

    Take Back Control Over Your Routine

    Want to add an extra six months onto the prime of your life? Ditch shaving. On average, a man spends 4300 hours "cleaning up" his face. Meanwhile, the SCULPT 2.0's intuitive new design removes hair for good in under 3 hours of total use.

    Show Your Pride

    A single patch of hair... that's all it takes to make a beard line-up or collared shirt look sloppy. Our unique Glide Mode makes IPL easy to guide toward any "problem area," no matter how sneaky it is.

    Feel Clean & Comfortable Head to Toe

    No blade means no more irritation or awkward angles while shaving. Whether it's your back or your crotch, your skin will feel cleaner than ever (and so will your bathroom.)

    Permanent Hair Removal in 5-Minute Sessions

    ✓ Weeks 1-2

    You'll love how simple it is from your very first session.

    Just activate Glide Mode, then run the lens slowly over any hair you want gone.

    You notice a subtle heat... soon, those pesky hairs start feeling softer with each shave.

    ✓ Weeks 2-4

    You don't need to shave as often.

    With the SCULPT 2.0's intuitive controls, you find the perfect intensity level with confidence...

    Before long, hair growth slows down and thins out — while you gain more control over your day.

    ✓ Within 8 Weeks

    IPL energy starts shutting down hair growth at the follicle. 

    You'll feel a sense of relief as you shave off more and more "problem hairs" for the last time...

    You might even feel a surge of confidence in your smooth new skin!



    Easier Precision


    Faster Results

    500k FLASHES

    Lifetime Use


    Safety Guaranteed


    Sunglasses + Razor


    Money Back Guarantee

    Love it or your money back! 


    Try it for 90 days, and if you're not completely satisfied, we'll 

    refund your money. No questions asked.

    What’s Included

    SCULPT 2.0 IPL Handset

    Safety Sunglasses

    Razor Set

    Your Most Hairy Questions, Answered.

    Is the 5MinSkin Sculpt 2.0 suitable for all skin and hair types?

    The Sculpt 2.0 is safe and effective for the following:

    Skin Tones

    Hair Colors

    Is the 5MinSkin Sculpt 2.0 Treatment Painful?

    5 Sensitive Skin Levels for Pain-Free Treatments

    Most Sensitive

    For sensitive areas like upper 

    lip and downstairs area.


    For moderately sensitive areas 

    like underarms and chin.


    For less sensitive areas like

    arms, legs, back, and shoulders.

    Where Can I Use the 5MinSkin Sculpt 2.0?

    The SCULPT 2.0 works anywhere that hair grows, just like it says on the box.

    Get rid of patchy areas for a perfect beard line, make your back shine, or clean up your junk once and for all...

    Like any IPL device, though, avoid using it directly near the eyes. 

    Why Choose 5MinSkin IPL Technology for Hair Removal?

    Ease of use is key for IPL, that's where The SCULPT 2.0 reigns supreme. Here's why... 

    At-home IPL works best when the handset's touching your skin. That way, the light can reach your follicles easily. 

    Problem is, that's impossible with most devices on the market. Awkward designs, a button you need to hold down, sizing catered to women's hands... your hand's sure to slip, especially in hard-to-reach areas. This can weaken IPL, delay treatment... or worse, remove hair you'd rather keep.

    Our solution: Glide Mode. When activated, the SCULPT 2.0 will emit light in steady pulses, all by itself. All you need to do is run the device slowly across any problem area -- just once per session does the trick. Plus, its balanced weight and ergonomic design make it easy to target any hair (even on your junk.)

    Combine that with a 10+ year battery and automatic safety measures to protect your skin... that's what makes the SCULPT 2.0 the fastest, safest, and most effective at-home IPL handset on the market.

    Is The 5MinSkin Sculpt 2.0 Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

    Yes, but only in the exact areas you choose to treat.

    During a session, the SCULPT 2.0 emits flashes of IPL light into your hair follicles. The gentle energy causes follicles to shut down and get naturally recycled by your body. Once the follicle is gone, your body simply stops producing hair in that area.

    Is The 5minskin Sculpt 2.0 Safe?

    Absolutely! At-home IPL handsets overall are FDA-cleared. Dermatologists use the same technology every day, with dozens of rigorous studies backing its long-and-short term safety.

    With the SCULPT 2.0, there are only two rules to follow:

    1. Check the top question above to see if your hair and skin are suitable for IPL

    2. On your first SCULPT 2.0 session, start at the lowest intensity level -- then gradually work your way up.

    For good measure though, we built the SCULPT 2.0 with advanced safety features. If anything goes wrong, it'll shut itself off automatically. 

    Can I Use 5minskin Sculpt 2.0 Over Tattoos?

    No, sadly. Tattoos change the way IPL light gets absorbed by your skin. That can lead to unpredictable results -- best not to risk it.

    Feel free to use it around tattoos, however... if there's no ink, you're good to go.

    Can I use 5MinSkin Sculpt 2.0 with acid-based skincare treatments, such as Retinol?

    We'd advise against it. Your skin needs time to rest and recover after an IPL session. Harsh or acidic treatments like retinol can delay this phase, or potentially cause irritation. 

    We'd recommend using gentler products throughout IPL treatment. After it's done though, feel free to go back to your favorite products.

    Can I use 5MinSkin Sculpt 2.0 over freckles?

    You can!

    Freckles don't have much affect on how IPL light gets absorbed, so feel free to laser away.